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2011 School Board Candidates' Forum

Hosted at Abington Senior High School on October 27, 2011
There were ten candidates running for the
Board of School Directors in Abington School District (ASD), which includes Rockledge. RMCA, ACJ League of Women Voters and ASD Parent Council provided candidates an opportunity to present their goals and agendas.

Photo of ForumLearn more about candidates that ran in 2011 they are and what they intended to do:

John Ambrose, Republican
"Since I would be new to the school board, the initial role I envision for myself is one of watching, listening, and learning as much as possible. My academic and professional background is different from that of...
Read his responses >

 Susan D. Arnhold, Democratic (incumbent)
"I was appointed to the Board by a bi-partisan group of directors 5 years ago.  At that time, I was a parent in the District and had been attending Board meetings regularly for approximately 8 years. I have...
Read her responses >

Virginia Capitolo, Republican
I’d like to be an influence in the choosing of curriculum for the schools [and] would also like to observe and analyze the schools’ present approach in dealing with their troubled students... Read her responses > 

Bryant Geating, Republican
"Like many Abington Township Citizens, I have a deep love for this community.  It has been my home since I was born at Abington Hospital.  After graduation from Abington High School, my wife and...
Read his responses >

David Good, Republican  
As a Professional Engineer, I focus on assisting large institutions assess, plan, and develop their assets (land, buildings, personnel, technology, and finances) to meet the institution’s goals. Serving on... Read his responses >

Daniel Sean Kaye, Democratic
"I want to advocate for the terrific aspects of the district but also be someone who listens to the complaints—regardless of where they come from—so as to maintain fairness and to help solve problems. I don’t...
Read his responses >

Jeannette F. Maitin, Democratic (incumbent)
"My role is to be aware of the goals and issues of the District. To be available to discuss and answer questions and concerns by parents and Abington community. My experience is: - Two terms on the..
. Read her responses > 

Stephen Specht, Republican
"As a member of the board, I envision my position as an advocate for high quality education. I feel strongly, that to be a successful board member you need to be a proponent for parent, family, staff, and
... Read his responses >

Michele R. Tinsman, Democratic (incumbent)
"My role on the Board of School Directors is to be one of nine individuals who provide oversight to the District but my authority lies in the collective authority of the group.  It takes a majority vote of the Board
 ... Read her responses > 

Andrea A. Trainer, Democratic (incumbent)
"My role has been one of a Board member who is completely accessible at all times and I understand fully how the System works from the Federal to the local levels. To that end, I am constantly updated on.
.. Read her responses >

PDFDownload all responses of School Board candidates. RMCA  co-hosted the Forum with the Abington Cheltenham Jenkintown League of Women Votes amd Abington Parent Council.

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