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Jackson Park


Voting Wards in Abington


Rydal-Meadowbrook neighborhoods cover four wards, which are comparable to districts. Abington Township has 15 elected Commissioners, each of whom represent a ward. Download a PDF with all 15 Wards and polling places. Get the exact addresses and directions to each polling place here. To search for your polling place by street address, visit the Montgomery County Voter Services web site.

Commissioners who represent the neighborhoods in Rydal-Meadowbrook are on the Abington web page on this site. The commissioners serve four year terms, with half the Board subject to elections every two years. Consequently, Commissioners from Wards Two and Four are serving terms that run from 2010-2014. Wards One and Three terms expire in 2012.

Sources and Links:
League of Women Voters

Pennsylvania Registration Forms and Applications
Absentee Voting Instructions
Smart Voter Montgomery County

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