Order Rain Barrels - Save Money

You can improve your property, help the environment and benefit our community. By offering rain barrels from donated 55 gallon industrial food grade drums and built by local students such as the Abington Senior High School H2O For Life Club (with technical assistance by the Township's Environmental Advisory Council), the RMCA will be able to offer very affordable rain barrels to everyone we serve. Locally, 55 gallon rain barrels retaill for $180. These barrels will be offered at $35-$45. RMCA's sales will create a sustainable source for building more rain barrels. A portion of proceeds will be invested in Jackson Park upgrades.

Before ordering, check out this page if you might want a custom color:

ON A FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED BASIS. Come to our "Building Community" event on 4/18 to learn why we offer up to 13 barrels.

Benefits of RMCA Membership:
• $10 discount on one barrel
• Invitation to member-only Spring Evening Affair at the Pennock House at Meadowbrook Farm
• Life members may post comments on RMCA web site
• RMCA also hosts free events in the best interest of Abington

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