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BusAbington Traffic Summit is at Penn State Abington on May 9, 2012, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Officials from the state, county and township will be present to look at the impact of traffic on our local economy. Please complete the survey (to the right) and your input will be factored-into the things discussed at the Summit – including case studies.

divA Local Traffic Advisory Committee (LTAC) is an option offered by PennDOT. Its Traffic Calming Handbook recommends that citizens work together with officials to identify what can realistically be done to improve traffic safety conditions in a municipality. RMCA will begin forming this Committee on May 9. If you express an interest in serving on this committee, the minimum commitment is to report traffic accidents you learn about. This will allow the LTAC to maintain records that can be presented to PennDOT District 6-0 in the event that 70% of the community wishes to make a change in Abington Township.

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety - Survey

Abington's first Traffic Summit will be held at Penn State Abington on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. Please consider joining us and being part of a long-term solution.

This event is intended to educate residents on the constraints of the law and discuss what the community envisions for the future of traffic in Abington. Please respond to this survey and the results will impact what is covered in this first Summit. We will present a Summit every two years if the community shows interest and supports the idea of improving traffic and safety conditions.

If an idea was missed above, please tell us what you envision in ten years.

PLEASE SELECT ONE OR TWO ITEMS. By answering this question, it tells us what you want to know and how to prepare a presentation to address the most common concerns in one evening.

This will give us an idea of what you envision and what is realistic.

Tell us who you are. Please consider attending the Abington Traffic Summit.

Your email address will not be shared or sold to any other organization. By submitting your address, you consent to RMCA sending follow-up emails to you regarding Abington issues, especially traffic concerns. If you select a ward (below), we will not share your individual contact information with your Commissioner, but will provide them with specific feedback from residents in their ward.

If you do not know your Ward, that's okay. We will follow-up with you and help you identify your ward and commissioner. If you are not a resident of Abington, we cannot guarantee that your area of concern will be covered at the Summit.

A Local Traffic Advisory Committee (LTAC) would be in accordance with PennDOT's Traffic Calming Handbook. Civic associations will work together with their local communities and advise officials on practical steps to improve our community.

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