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Urbanization in Abington?

UPDATE 1: Neighbors met to express their concerns about the new development. Many did not want traffic to exit onto Hilltop Avenue. Others were concerned about the pre-school traffic and safety of children walking to school from Old York Road. There are others who have concerns about lighting, but the developer has a solution to address the issue. Goodman Properties has committed to make changes to current plans and those have not been made available to RMCA at this time.

UPDATE 2: RMCA Board also met and some members had similar concerns. A concrete proposal was made to have a carve-out for a turn lane into Wawa from Old York Road to reduce interruption to southbound traffic. Although the property does narrow, there may be a way to do this if the parking in the rear is eliminated, the filling area is moved back and the turn lane is placed in front of the filling area.

OVERVIEW: Convenience Store, Filling Station and Pizzeria.
Wawa already has a busy store at Cheltena Avenue, Rodman Avenue and Old York Road. This is one block south from Hilltop Road and Old York Road. Provco Goodman, L.P. has submitted a plan that includes a new Wawa Food Market and Gas Station at 816-830 Old York Road. There will be a Zoning Hearing Board meeting (rescheduled) to February 21 that will allow the developer and Abington residents to provide testimony.

WawaDownload a schematic PDF of the developer's plan
Open a MS Word file with details from the Township

Meeting on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
Conducted at Abington Township Building, Hearing Room, 2nd Floor

This is the application of Goodman Properties, applicant for the properties located at 816 and 830 Old York Road, Jenkintown, Pa. This is located at the intersection of Baeder Road (and Hilltop). The application is for a use variance, dimensional variances, a special exception and an interpretation from the Zoning Hearing Board. The applicant proposes to construct a Wawa Store of 4,983 square that will include 12 fuel service stations.

The applicant has requested a use variance from Section 402.2.A to allow for a Use C-8 Convenience Store.  Dimensional variances have been requested from Section 706.C.8.f to allow for the square footage of the store to exceed 3,000 square feet, Section  402.3 to allow for a reduction of the front, side and rear yard setbacks, Section 402.4.L to allow for reductions of the required landscaped buffers adjoining the front, side and residential property lines.  The applicant has requested an interpretation of Section 702.B and 702.C of the Zoning Ordinance concerning principal use.  In the alternative, a variance has been requested.  A dimensional variance has been requested from Section 706.A to allow for the retaining wall to exceed 6 feet in height.  A dimensional variance has been requested from Section 706.C.17 to allow for parking within the buffer areas and Section 706.C.25 pertaining to the number of employees per square footage of the building.  A variance from Section 801.C has been requested to allow for the construction of the building to encroach into the required setbacks.  The applicant has requested a special exception to allow for a change of grade of more than three feet within 100 feet of a property line.  A variance has been requested from Section 801.L pertaining to safety procedures required for a 24 hour operation and a variance from Section 801.T to allow for a 24 hour operation that shares a property line with residential uses.  A dimensional variance has been requested to allow for the on-site parking stalls to be reduced to nine feet in width.  A variance has been requested from Section 1005 to allow for the support for the free standing sign to be located within the 10 foot setback.  Variances have been requested from1008.2.B to allow for the proposed free standing signage, wall signage, canopy signage, directional signage and signage on the proposed fuel pumps.  This application also requires relief from Section 1007 as amended by Ordinance #1943 to allow for the LED fuel cost portion of the proposed signage to change copy more than once every 24 hours.  The applicant requests all other relief as may be deemed necessary to allow for the development of this property as proposed.

The property is zoned within the (PB) Planned Business District and R-2 Residential District of Ward #7 of the Township of Abington.  A copy of the application, site plan and the proposed signage is on file with the Planning & Zoning Office and is available for review during normal business hours.

Special thanks to Christopher H Paquette, photographer.

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